Tuesday, October 4, 2011

New Video D.R.E.A.M. TEAM - Eje'kamalo

Sooooooooo like I have not blogged in forever. I have been so caught up with school, modeling and other stuff, I am sure ya'll miss me.
Since I been good I have hooked up with this group called D.R.E.A.M Team!! I am so honored to be in this group with them. They are a bunch of young talented men and YES I am the only female in the group. Lmbo. Back to what I was saying like yoooo these men are my inspiration! Each of them inspire me in their own different way. The group consists of Cap B, Oloye, Nollege Wizdumb, LP, EchayBado, Jaycube, Psean, AyoJay, Dj Teffler, Jay Future and Money Mo (That's me).

So recently D.R.E.A.M Team just came out with a song called  Eje' kamalo with Oloye,Cap B, Nollege and LP. JayCube and EchayBado are also in the video doing their thing in the background. Lol. THIS VIDEO AND SONG IS SICKKKKKK! You gotta listen to it. I shall post it below.

Also watch out for D.R.E.A.M Team's own  Cap B's new single featuring  AyoJay called "She Like It". It will be coming out anyday now. THE SONG IS HOTTTTT!
I know you guys are probably wondering so when is Ms. Money Mo coming out with something, don't worry jare very soon.
Anyways enjoy Eje' kamalo BELOW!!!

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