Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My Encounter with Wizkid

Let me start by saying Wizkid is the COOLEST bad guy! The company I work with (Signature Style Entertainment) brought him to host one of our parties. I had to keep my cool when he told me he liked my hair and I'm funny. ( My heart was blushing o).
The club was another story. I don't think District has ever seen so many Africans in their life, even this adorable little boy came. You could even hear girls everywhere saying WE LOVE YOU WIZKID! I also must say I LOVE Wizkid's Azonto, he was getting it, it's not better than mines though.
1:30 came, and District sha bounced us. I don't think they could put up with us anymore. So for everybody that came that did not get to hear Wizkid speak we are sorry. Go blame District o! All in all, it was a FUN night. Pictures will come later. :)

PS: Who would like to buy the fork he ate with? :)

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